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  • unicornhntr87401 is offline My first Poly Date!

    Posted on 05/18/2015 02:25 PM by unicornhntr87401

    My boyfriend and I went on a date with a girl last night to dinner and a movie. I don't think she is "the one" for many reasons, but she's a good friend with similar, albeit not totally the same, interests as far as poly goes..

    Although my bf and I are both onboard with having another girl in our relationship, I'm more experienced with it and he's still nervous/worried. He says "I know you say it's ok and you're not jealous, but I'm worried you'll change your mind or get mad".

    I told him during the movies to hold her hand. By dinner time they were more flirtatious and playful... I really loved seeing him happy and enjoying himself. We all had a really great night.

    I feel like that date was a more "test the waters and see how it goes" than anything. Not saying we were just using her. She is also seeing someone else, who is aware, but lives long distance for now...

    But until the right one comes along it's still fun to date... It also really helps define to yourselves what you are ...Read more

  • camrosecouple is offline What is Polyamory?

    Posted on 07/29/2014 05:42 PM by camrosecouple

    As the owner of this site, I have seen a great many people join, but not know much about what polyamory is all about.  There seem to be as many different ideas about the concept of polyamory as there are people on the site.  I decided that I wanted to clear up the confusion, and define the various concepts of the polyamorous lifestyle.

    First of all, polyamory falls under the broad category of "Ethical Non-Monogamy".

    Ethical non-monogamy is defined simply as having relationships of some sort outside of your primary relationship, in a way that all parties know, and consent, to the relationship boundaries being fluid.  Cheating is when a person steps outside their relationship for physical or emotional partnership, without the consent or knowledge of your primary partner.  We don't consider this to be ethical, and ends up hurting at least one of the parties involved.  

    Under the umbrella of ethical non-monogamy, we have a number of different relationship styles.  Most commonly, we ...Read more

  • camrosecouple is offline Why a Premium Membership

    Posted on 07/16/2013 05:19 PM by camrosecouple

    If you've taken a look around the site, you have noticed that there isn't really a huge difference so far between having a free membership, and having a paid membership.  Sure, you can send more messages per day to lucky people, and you have unlimited access to the advanced search function, but so far, there isn't a huge difference in membership.

    It's fair to ask what benefit you get out of paying for a membership, when the free membership gives you so much.

    When it comes down to it, without financial support, I can't add on too many extra features.  I have a list a mile long of things I want to do, features I want to add, and ways of making this the most incredible poly dating site anyone's ever seen.  But without support, I can't do it.  

    Don't get me wrong.  I have no intention of ever abandoning this website.  I can afford to keep my hosting running, and take care of the small costs associated with running this site.  But I'd love to ask you to consider upgrading to the premium ...Read more