My boyfriend and I went on a date with a girl last night to dinner and a movie. I don't think she is "the one" for many reasons, but she's a good friend with similar, albeit not totally the same, interests as far as poly goes..

Although my bf and I are both onboard with having another girl in our relationship, I'm more experienced with it and he's still nervous/worried. He says "I know you say it's ok and you're not jealous, but I'm worried you'll change your mind or get mad".

I told him during the movies to hold her hand. By dinner time they were more flirtatious and playful... I really loved seeing him happy and enjoying himself. We all had a really great night.

I feel like that date was a more "test the waters and see how it goes" than anything. Not saying we were just using her. She is also seeing someone else, who is aware, but lives long distance for now...

But until the right one comes along it's still fun to date... It also really helps define to yourselves what you are both looking for...
Posted by unicornhntr87401 on 05/18/2015 02:25 PM